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Grimentz, support for the construction of a new luxury chalet-hotel project

Client: Opalau Ltd.
Mission: Concept development, feasibility analysis, search for investors

Development of a hotel concept with a planned space program
Feasibility study (location, market and financial analysis)
Preparation of sales documents with subsequent search for investors

Tarcisse Genoud
Opalau Ltd.
“we really appreciated the dedication, expertise and the vision of CAA Cheseaux Audit & Consulting”

Grimentz, project management for the construction of a luxury apartment rental complex

Client: Marlanne Ltd.
Mission: Concept development, feasibility analysis, business plan

Development of a rental concept with a space program
Feasibility study (location, market and financial analysis)
Preparation of the business plan in order to approach potential investors

Tarcisse Genoud
Marlanne Ltd.
we felt comfortable with the market assessment and recommendations of CAA Cheseaux Audit & Consulting

Bad Kissingen, Fürstenhof, project management

Client: Fürstenhof Ltd.
Mission: Board mandate and project management
  • Project management (hotel, medical spa, apartments) up to granting of construction permit
  • Operator’s search
  • Preparation of information memorandum for sale and investors’ search

Pont-La-Ville, Golf Resort La Gruyère

Client: Golf de la Gruyère Ltd.
Mission: Comprehensive market analysis
  • Evaluation of demand and similar offers in various destinations
  • Analysis of the main relevant trends
  • Recommendations for the future positioning and dimensioning of the project

Radisson Blu Geneva

Client: Shir Orot Ltd.
Mission: project management
  • Detailed market research
  • Search for an operator, support during the contractual phase
  • Project management, coordination with all parties (total company, architects, operator, authorities), representation of the project owner

Hotel Schweizerhof Grindelwald and extension project

Client: Hotel Schweizerhof Grindelwald Ltd.
Mission: Preparation of business plan and support of the sale
  • Comprehensive market analysis with a view to expansion
  • Yield value estimation
  • Preparation of the data room, contact with investors